ADAPT Junior Award

Junior ADAPT - Seoul, South Korea - May 2018

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Sat, May 12th 2018
13:00 - 17:00

Parkour Generations Korea
Soong Sil University

South Korea

For ages 7-10 years this is an early years development point that helps to introduce and promote the ADAPT principles of physical and mental health, competence and confidence at an early age, and to check that the young practitioner is on a positive, informed path with his or her training.

The focus here is on the young practitioner’s ability to perform basic movements with a reasonable level of technical skill and an understanding of safe practice, respect for themselves, others and their environment, teamwork and a willingness to learn. The Junior Award is comprised of achieving competence in various areas of practical movement skills, with the ADAPT Junior receiving stamp awards for each area completed.

We recommend young practitioners complete the Junior Award more than once so as to demonstrate continued progress in their training.

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