ADAPT Young Traceur Award

Young Traceur - London, UK - Mar 2018

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Sun, Mar 4th 2018
12:30 - 17:30

Parkour Generations
Chainstore Parkour Academy
Trinity Buoy Wharf
64 Orchard Place
E14 0JY


The Young Traceur Award is for practitioners over the age of 11 and is a one-day course lead by a certified ADAPT Tutor focussing on the development of leadership skills through parkour practice, movement competence and an understanding of the needs of physical training and holistic health, to include basic points surrounding nutrition, adequate recovery and rest, and the importance of training within and developing a community.

The focus at this level is for the student to be able to move at a higher standard than before, understand their own movement, how to control the environment they are training in as a whole and how to manage and lead a group. 

The Award culminates with the candidate creating and choreographing a live parkour performance for an audience of peers and parents. 

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